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5 Natural Hair Products I Am Currently Using

Hello bo nice! My natural hair has behaved exceptionally well during the lockdown – it looks rich and healthy. This is all credit to the natural hair products that I use. 
The natural hair movement has begun a constant talking point recently. What does it mean to go natural, I hear you ask? Well, it means wearing your ‘crown’ in its natural state by not putting it through any form of heat damage or straightening of the hair chemicals. 

5 Natural hair products that I am currently using


1. ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo

I received this shampoo when I was acting as a hair model some time back in 2019. Naturally, I tried this girl out and absolutely loved her creamy texture and smell. Oh-my-word, she smells divine! For some odd reason, I thought that one must use a lot of shampoo during a wash, however all you need is a couple of drops to activate the product. This also means that this shampoo will take your pocket a long way.

2. Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Rejuvenating Ritual

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I love products that look and feel rich! I am the only one? I am also a very simple girl and I don’t like using too many products all at once. This is why this babe makes so much sense – she is diverse.

 Here are three ways you can use this product, making her a definite go-to for me with my natural hair products list: 

  • Apply directly to wet hair as a leave in conditioner
  • Boost your conditioner by adding a few drops
  • Use as a hot oil treatment for dry, breaking and dull hair

3. Cantu Natural Hair Coil Calm Detangler

I got introduced to the concept of a detangling spray at a hair expo and I thought that it was genius. I have only started using this baddie quite recently but I notice how much easier my hair is to manage since I started using it. This is a favourite when it comes to detangling after a wash with my natural hair products. This girl becomes even more useful when I braid my own hair and need precision for lines and blocks.

4. Pure Royal Scalp Treatment

I started using this treatment after it was recommended to me by a friend. She had beautiful and long natural hair at the time and I had just cut my dreadlocks. It was time for a new hair journey and I haven’t looked back since. To say this product works wonders on the scalp is truly an understatement. It literally feels like someone is massaging your scalp after a few minutes of application. I apply this natural hair product to my scalp about 2 – 3 times a week.

5. Cantu Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream

I started using this cream after doing some research on the L.O.C (liquid, oil and cream) method – a technique for moisturising hair. Going into the lockdown, my hair was very dry and I needed to find ways to revive it. Since I started using this hun, my curls are more defined and my hair retains a lot of moisture. If you are looking at repairing damaged hair; this is your girl.

There you have it – the list of the 5 natural hair products that I am currently using during the lockdown. Please let me know if any of these hair products fall under your favourites. Feel free to also advise on other natural hair products I should try out.

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