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My take on the LOC method

“Black (wo)man, you are on your own” – words that became quite relevant when I realised that I could no longer visit my hairstylist due to the Lockdown. What initially started as 21 days of Lockdown has now stretched to 50 days and counting. It was either sink or swim for many with no hairdressers in sight. I styled my own locks for 4 years so sinking was not an option.

Google is my bestie, so I went and read up on the different techniques to keep my natural hair healthy and strong during Lockdown. The LOC method jumped right at the top of my searches and tagging along were those who believed that this method is a complete scam. LOC is an abbreviation for a 3-step hair moisturising process that includes liquid (water), oil and cream.

Naturally, I looked into the LOC method; especially because I’ve heard it from a number of natural hair enthusiasts. I decided to trial this method after removing my jumbo box braids a few days into the Lockdown. 40 days in and my hair has fallen deeply in love with the LOC method.

Here is my take on the LOC method:

1. It is not for everyone

My hair reacts positively to this method; however, it does not reciprocate the same energy when it comes to my sister’s hair. My hair responds immediately to water and the oil helps with detangling the knots. The moisturiser then seals the deal by making it easy to style.

2. It is convenient

My favourite part about this method is that the products used are likely to be items you already have or have easy access to – a big upside for me. One can even use natural organic produce instead of purchasing manufactured hair products.

3. It requires a lot of TLC

This method is no joke; it consumes a lot of time. I always dread the process, but I have a huge smile on my face afterwards. I would suggest you moisturise your hair using the LOC method while doing something that will distract you from the tedious process – like Netflix and chill.

4. I use it 2-3 times a week

I use this method when my hair is dry – not every day. Using it every day leads to build-up, especially because I don’t wash my hair weekly. Moisturising it daily would also waste a lot of time.

5. It does nothing for my scalp

My hair absolutely adores this method, but it truly does nothing for my scalp. I wake up the following day with my scalp feeling quite dry. I am a huge fan of scalp treatments, so I always base my scalp with a treatment right after.

I have nothing but good things to say about this method, to a point where I do not want to try other techniques. However, this is not what being a natural hair enthusiast is all about. I will be trying other moisturising methods and spill the tea as the days go by. Comment below and let me know what you think of the LOC method.  

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