Noni Khumalo

06 October  2020

In this episode we get into the cause of the very first fight we had. It has to do with the club and “the boys”, are you surprised lol?

14 September 2020

You would think after 9 years, speaking about your ex would be easy lol. In this episode we speak about our latest and favourite exs. Grab a drink for the wildest episode yet.

06 September 2020

In this episode, we take you through how we met and we get to find out who said ‘I love you’ first.

11 August 2020

Valentine's Day Makeup Looks with Nonobbee

Valentine’s Day is not fast approaching, but restaurants are open again after months of being stuck in the house. This golden oldie is the perfect refresher for date night. From using “sellotape” for the perfect winged eyeliner to tips that ensure you don’t sleep with your makeup on – we get into this and more with Nonobbee.

01 August 2020

Contraceptives with Dr Suhayl Essa

In this episode, we speak about contraceptives, in simpler terms – the prevention of pregnancy. From condoms to the pill, we get straight into it with Dr Suhayl Essa as he spills the beans.

14 July 2020

Youth Day 2020

In 2019, three matriculants joined me in studio for Youth Day. this episode, we go down memory lane. We speak to Karabo, Rorisang and Nisha about whether their thoughts on Youth Day in 2020 remain the same.

13 may 2020

Makeup & Hygiene with Nonobbee

Self Care Sundays is a feature on TGLE about beauty – makeup and hair. After the President’s first Covid-19 address, Nonobbee and I spoke about makeup and hygiene in the midst of the pandemic. In this episode, Nonobbee gives us safety tips that we should consider post lifting of the lockdown.

20 April 2020

Over the Counter with Dr Suhayl Essa

Dr Suhayl Essa is a medical doctor and comedian. He joins our team as the medical contributor who will dissect student related issues on a lighter note. In this episode we get to know the doctor and his decision to chase his dream – comedy. 

00 Month 2020

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